For Rapid Identification and Typing of Herpes Simplex Virus. 17-hour turnaround time for reporting both positive and negative results for HSV.

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D3 Fastpoint Liquid-DFA

D3 FastPoint is a Revolutionary Technology that allows for the detection of up to 8 viruses with DFA accuracy in under 25 minutes from specimen receipt to virus detection.

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Thyretain TSI Reporter BioAssay

Thyretain is the only commercially available in vitro diagnostic test that specifically detects TSI* and may aid your differential diagnosis of Graves’ Disease. 

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Diagnostic Hybrids is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Quidel.



Diagnostic Hybrids innovates, develops, manufactures and markets cellular and molecular diagnostic kits for various applications in detecting a wide range of respiratory diseases, herpes infections, thyroid function, and other high value markers of disease. Our products provide an accurate, rapid and cost-effective diagnosis, and our products are changing the way people use technologies to more effectively diagnose and treat respiratory and other diseases.

Diagnostic Hybrids' product catalog offers innovative solutions for all of your laboratory's testing needs. Please use the links below or contact us for additional information.

FreshCellsTM and ReadyCells® Product Inserts Update
Effective immediately, there is an updated Product Insert available for FreshCells Singles and Mixed and the FreshCells Primary Kidney Tissue Culture. The procedural changes were related to:
    • clarifying the expiration date
    • addition and clarification of storage conditions
    • additions to the procedure
    • additional warnings concerning media and antisera added
       to primary cell lines
    • listing of new primary cell lines that were added during
       the ViroMed acquisition
    • non-procedural formatting revisions were also made

Additional information was added to harmonize the product inserts for FreshCells Flask Cultures and ReadyCells Singles and Mixed. These procedural changes that were made have been highlighted in the versions below. Please confirm that you have the most current version of these documents and direct inquiries or concerns regarding this update to Technical Support as necessary by calling 800.874.1517 (U.S.) or 858.552.1100 (outside U.S.) or by email at technicalsupport@quidel.com.

FreshCells Singles and Mixed

FreshCells Primary Kidney Tissue Culture

FreshCells Flask Cultures

ReadyCells Singles and Mixed